Our solutions for printing applications

  • Screens and stencils, any types, any sizes, for solder paste, SMT adhesive, Flux…
  • Squeegees,
  • Printing heads,
  • Customize printing tools,
  • Misprints.

Our cleaning process provides an exceptional cleaning quality through the use of our ultrasonic and/or spray under immersion technologies.

Using our patented filtration system, cleaning agent is constantly regenerated which extends its lifetime. At the same time, the use of a water-based cleaning liquid with filtration capabilities helps in saving a DI water rinsing step.

Consequently, the range of N29 machines allows the perfect cleaning of your parts for the lowest running cost on the market.

Easy to use and having a limited footprint, the N29 series meets our PLUG and CLEAN concept

Nettoyage sérigraphie par MBtech

With close to a thousand machines sold across the world, the N29 series is available in different versions adapted to your budget requirements:

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying

Semi-automatic cleaning and drying (already the 4th generation of our best seller)

100% automatic process, also offering our spray under immersion cleaning technology

Customized process for squeegees and printing heads

 In addition to our range of  products, we also offer our low volume customers a manual ultrasonic head from our business partner Gen3Systems®. Gensonic improves the cleaning efficency compare to a 100% manual process mainly into fine pitch.

Gensonic nettoyeur de stencil

MBtech, your cleaning partner